Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017

Recipe Pudding Moss Green Pandan

Materials of Lichen Pudding:

ü  Plain swalow agar 1 pack
ü  Sugar 150 grams (if less sweet can be added according to taste)
ü  1 egg egg
ü  125-liters thick potato
ü  Water 350 milli liter
ü  Pandanus 350 milli liter (from 12 leaves of pandanus and water,
ü  Pasta Pandan to taste
ü  A pinch of salt
ü  Water lemon feeling to taste

Step Making Pudding Moss Green Pandan:

1.  First shake off the eggs then give the lemon flavored water.
2.  Next mix all ingredients, cook over medium heat and keep stirring. Cook until bubbly, then reduce the heat. Wait until the coconut milk breaks and form the moss by itself. Turn off the fire.
3.  After that print the dough gelatinous moss / pudding moss into the pudding mold that was previously in the bahasi water. Wait until the steam is gone, then cool into the refrigerator.
4.  Serve homemade moss pudding while cold
 Resep puding lumut hijau pandan

Sharpened bamboo
Works: Rayhandi

At the end of sharp bamboo brushing
Tearing enemies to mercy
In the sharp blades of pain stuck
Ready alert to swallow enemies

The end of the bamboo is a witness
Black pain
Expel the devil with his life
Without fear without trepidation

Love the homeland
Fused in red blood
Rooted in white bones
Master the breath

They fought until it vanished
Divorced by body
For Garuda Earth
For Indonesia

They die with respect
Fighting secerut freedom
That was snatched away
For one independence.

How to Eat Rasulullah SAW.

Eating is an activity that every human must undertake. 
The way and the diet is very influential on our physical, even spiritual health. 
Rasulullah Muhammad SAW has exemplified the ideal way and diet that made him only 
3x pain during his life.
The principle that Muhammad Rasulullah always associated with food is:
ü  Only eat Halal food (allowed according to Shari'a) 
  and Thayyib (both nutrition and ingredients)
ü  Never eat until it is too full.
ü  Do not be tempted to eat again after full.
ü  Do not eat over a third of the stomach, 
 because the other third is for drinks and the last third for air (breath).
The Prophet's eating procedure is as follows:
1)  Read prayer before eating;
ü  At least read basmalah: "Bismillah".
ü  If we forget to read the prayer, then remember while eating, read: 
"Bismillahi fii awwalihi wa aakhirihi", which means: 
"In the name of God at the beginning and the end".
2)  Sit well, firm and lean, to have the food down completely;
3)  Washing hands before eating;
4)  Eat with the right hand;
5)  Be simple and not excessive when eating;
6)  Start eating from the dish or portion that is closest to us;
7)  Do not fill the mouth with too much food;
8)  Do not talk much while eating;
9)  If possible, eat together (not dispersed alone);
10) If eating together from one place to eat, do not restore the remaining 
   food in hand to the place to eat. So just take a bite as necessary so that no 
   left in hand;
11) Do not make a loud noise while chewing food because it will disturb others;
12) Do not watch and look at the person who is eating, because the person being 
   watched will be annoyed and reduce his appetite
13) Do not leave food on the plate (where to eat);
14) It is advisable to clean hands and fingers by mouth when finished eating;
15) If any food is falling, if possible, picked up, cleaned, then eaten again;
16)When you have finished your meal, read the word hamdalah: "Alhamdulillah";
17) Wash hands after meals.

Homemade Ice cream oreo & Avocado

Ingredients :
· 1 pack of whippy cream powder
· 750 ml of white UHT milk
· 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
· 1 pack of oreo biscuits without chopped cream
· 2 pieces of avocado meat that has been in crushed

Step :
1)  Put UHT milk into freezer until half frozen about 2hours.
2)  Enter UHT milk & Wippy Cream to a bigger container then mixer until it expands to soft cream.
3)  Add sweetened condensed milk back to mix well.
4)  For cream dough into 2 parts, 1 part mixed with oreo biscuits, the. rest is mixed with the lump of avocado fruit.
5)  Stir well each cream dough, pour into the container and then frozen.
             6) If already frozen ready to eat directly or with fresh bread.